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Corinda Watson has  published her second book, Whitlee’s Magical Adventure.  Erica Branch did a wonderful job with the illustrations.  It is a book about a girl named Whitlee (Corinda's granddaughter) and her magical adventure with Sprinkles the unicorn.  

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The Day You Came Home and Whitlee's Magical Adventure are available online at Amazon, Books-A-Million, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. The Enchanted Garden in Shreveport, Louisiana @ 2429 Line Ave is also selling these books.  A book signing will be scheduled soon at Enchanted Garden.

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Highland Jazz Fest in Shreveport, Louisiana - September, 14, 2019 

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About Me


About Corinda

Corinda Watson is a retired preschool teacher and has always loved children's literature.  A few years ago Corinda's daughter and  husband adopted Corinda's first granddaughter. The granddaughter was in the foster care system.  The adoption inspired Corinda to write her first children's book, The Day You Came Home.  It's an inspiring story celebrating the day her granddaughter came to her new home for the first time.. The joy she brought into her life and her parents' lives was heartfelt.  Seeing the joy of her new parents was contagious and she wanted to share this joy with others as a way to express her love for her granddaughter and to encourage others 

to consider adoption. 

She has published her second book, Whitlee’s Magical Adventure.    It is a book about a girl named Whitlee (her granddaughter) and her magical adventure with Sprinkles The Unicorn.  As was expected, Whitlee was a bit jealous after Corinda published the first book, The Day You Came Home, which is about her big sister.  Whitlee insisted that Corinda write a book about her.  Of course Corinda got busy and wrote Whitlee's Magial Adventure.


My Community

Thanks to all of you who support me as an author.  I appreciate your comments and will use them as I aspire to write more books for children and families in the future. 


My Journey

"The Day You Came Home" has not set any records yet but I am proud to say I have reached the 100+ mark. Thanks to all who have purchased a book.  My new book, Whitlee's Magical Adventure is now available.

My grandson also wants a book about him, so I am currently exploring ideas for his upcoming book.  

Fun Family Activities

A great activity to do with your children or grandchildren is to keep a daily journal.  Younger children can draw pictures in their journal.  Parents, grandparents or other adults can  write down the children's words that go with the pictures.  If is very eye opening to see and hear what the children are thinking about and how they see their experiences and their world.  Don't forget to date each page.